"80% of success is showing up." - Woody Allen

Benedicite believes in developing strong, sustainable relationships with professional candidates in order to build our business as open, honest and impartial.

By taking the time to listen and build an understanding of each candidate, Benedicite ensures the best possible match.

Benedicite consultants aspire to give candid, impartial feedback at every step. Also, we will only propose candidates for positions that suit your skill set, experience and career aspirations.Your Benedicite consultant will also assist you in collecting references upon the request of a potential employer.

Prior to a client interview, your Benedicite consultant will brief you to ensure you are properly prepared. Once you have been interviewed, your consultant will record your and the client’s feedback, which will enable Benedicite to identify and address any areas of concern to both parties.

When necessary, selected candidates will then be prepared for the next round of interviews.

If you don’t make it through the selection process, your Benedicite consultant will provide you with feedback from the interviewing employer. This is by no means the end. We will continue working with you to identify alternative career opportunities.

In addition, Benedicite provides support during the negotiation and placement process. Once negotiations are complete, your consultant will stay in touch with you throughout the probationary period.

At Benedicite, our job is to communicate effectively. And that means we stay in touch with you.

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