"80% of success is showing up." - Woody Allen


Most active in looking for job are the top managers and lawyers

Top managers, lawyers, accountants and financiers are most likely to respond to the job advertisements. These are the results of a study conducted by the International Human Resources portal hh.ua.



In particular, according to the research in the "Top Management" professional field 31 candidates respond to one vacancy on the average. In the areas of "Lawyers" and "Accounting / Management Accounting / Finance" are 30 and 23 respectively. 20 applicants respond to one job advertisement in marketing, advertising and PR spheres.

Recruiters are also quite active in the labor market. In the "Human Resources / Training" professional field 18 candidates show their interest on average. Students, journalists and logistic specialists respond equally to the vacancy. In the fields of "Junior Staff / Students", "Arts / Entertainment / Media" and "Transportation / Logistics" an average response is 16 applicants to a vacancy.

In addition, 12 candidates apply for one sales position and 10 - for science and education. The least active job seekers in the labor market are in insurance. Only 4 applicants apply to one vacancy in this area.

It should be noted that the study was conducted over the past year - from September 2010 to September 2011.





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