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Great Place to Work Unveils World’s Best Multinational Workplaces

According to Great Place to Work, Microsoft won the first place among top 25 global companies. The rating was published in Fortune magazine. The reseachers noted that Microsoft provides substantial support to their employees, who recently got children. Also the company gives workers 40 paid hours each year to use on volunteer activities - for example, to build an orphanage.



Second place got SAS, the developer of IT solutions for business intelligence, which distributes Curriculum Pathways, a free educational program. The third of the top three leaders is NetApp, whose Vice Chairman Tom Mendoza calls about 30 employees each week to thank them for their work.

Fourth place is given to the search engine Google, whose engineers may spend one fifth of the working time to pondering over the new decisions, and does not report the results. Logistics company FedEx got the fifth place, it awards the couriers for being polite and smiling to the clients (according to online questionnaire).

U.S. companies only took the honors in the top ten, among them also are Cisco, developer of networking equipment, Marriott hotel chain, McDonald's, Kimberly-Clark, a manufacturer of personal hygiene products, and SC Johnson, a household chemical manufacturer.

Non-US companies who joined the rating are British manufacturer of alcohol Diageo (11th place), the Spanish telecom Telefonica (17th place) and Atento (24th place), and the Danish drug manufacturer Novo Nordisk (22nd).

Great Place to Work selected for rating the companies who already got on the best employers lists at least five times. The organizations should also have staff of at least five thousand people. And 40 percent of workers have to work outside of the country where the firm registered. The ranking took into account the following criteria - salary, bonuses, various social benefits, and working conditions. Special attention was paid to the questionnaires filled in by the company’s employees.

Great Place to Work in cooperation with Fortune magazine annually publishes the rating of one hundred best American employers. In 2011, SAS topped this list, Microsoft got only 72-th place.


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