"80% of success is showing up." - Woody Allen

Benedicite conducts permanent and temporary recruitment and executive search covering a variety of functions and industries with a special focus on marketing, banking & finance, and legal professionals.

Executive Search

The Benedicite approach is to:

  • Ensure a complete market search assignment.
  • Identify and approach qualified executives directly.
  • Meet face-to-face to interview and assess candidates.
  • Introduce candidates to clients with recommendational support.
  • Place and follow up for three months.


The Benedicite approach is to:

  • Provide thorough target sourcing using proprietary database, advertising and networks.
  • Screen resumes and interview candidates individually.
  • Request and verify reference letters.
  • Select suitable candidates and prepare a long list.
  • Introduce top candidates to client.
  • Support the course of negotiations and final placement.
  • Follow up during probation period

Research & Mapping

If your organization has an upcoming vacancy, Benedicite can assist and:

  • Conduct a targeted overview of a given market segment.
  • Provide a long list of qualified professionals, along with brief summaries.
  • Interview short-listed candidates.
  • Arrange meetings with potential employers upon the request

HR Advisory

  • Conduct detailed and transparent interviews with employees in order to assist with overhauling your organization’s structure.
  • Compose job specifications for internal corporate use.


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